How to Spice Up the First Dance at Your Australian Wedding

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

wedding dance

Your first dance is an integral part of your Australian wedding. It will show how much harmony you have as a couple. The romance and synchronization required to make this dance go smoothly also make it a showcase of your capacity as a couple. It is an intimate and memorable wedding moment.

The first dance is usually the first moment the couples gets to spend by themselves at their Australian wedding. Before that, your other moments are together but feature other people like your wedding party and photographer. Even your first kiss has everyone looking and cheering on.

Your first dance is, however, different. It has a way of making the moment about just you, your romance and the music. Are you worried about your first dance? Well, you shouldn’t be. Here at First Wedding Dance, we specialize in helping couples achieve their dreams for their first dance.

When it comes to your first dance, whether you choose a classic from Elvis Presley or a wild number from LMFAO, the moment must be unique. Thus, the aim is to make the dance to go as hitch-free as possible. In light of that, here are some simple tips that you will find useful.

· Choose a Song You Both Find Special

In the past, foxtrots were the order of the day and so classical music was the best fit for a first dance. Then weddings were mostly held in ballrooms, and everyone showed up dressed to the nines. Nowadays, depending on your wedding theme, you can choose any kind of song. Your wedding celebration is all about you, and so your choice of music becomes paramount.

Since this will be your first dance together as a married couple, we’d advise you to go for a song, you both love. You could also choose one that reminds you of something special in your relationship. Couples choose songs that remind them of their first date or first kiss and so on.

Choosing a song with a special memory attached to it is a great idea. It’ll make the stress of the day fall away while you become enraptured in each other. You can dance away as you both remember the remarkable journey that has led you both to this moment. There is nothing more special than that.

· Take Wedding Dance Lessons

Preparing for a big event helps to reduce any anxiety and fear you might have. If you want a smoothly coordinated and beautiful first dance, you should take wedding dance lessons. No matter what kind of dance you have in mind, there are lessons for it.

From ballroom dance lessons to the latest bops, if you ask, you’ll find a great tutor. Wedding dance lessons also a great way to bond with your partner before your wedding. You could even end up losing a few pounds, depending on how lively your song choice is. So choose the song you intend to use for your first dance and then together with your instructor, make up a routine for it.

. Dance Away

Like we’ve said earlier, your first dance is about you. Once that moment comes, take strength from your partner and be determined to have fun. You’ve spent hours or even days preparing for this and that moment has arrived. Remember to make sure that your DJ or band knows the correct version of your song and then go ahead and have fun.

Here at the Dance Knot, we believe that your first dance should be as unique as you are. No two couples are alike, and your first dance can reflect your personalities. If you’re a couple in Australia thinking of the way to go when it comes to your first dance, you should reach out to us. Contact us today!

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