Updated: Dec 26, 2021

wedding dance lessons

Many couples view the first dance as a tradition that they are required to include in their wedding. Like the bouquet toss, the wedding toasts, and the cutting of the cake, the first dance is just another item that needs to be checked of the list of wedding practices. However, there are actually many benefits to ballroom dancing and taking lessons before the wedding.

1. It eases nerves

If you have four left feet between you, the idea of a first dance can seem pretty intimidating. Taking lessons and creating a choreographed first dance can take a lot of pressure off of the couple, especially if one or both of you have never really danced before. When consulting an instructor, you won’t feel like you are alone in formulating your first dance. There will be a lot of people watching you two, so consulting a professional can make you feel more confident in your first dance together as a married couple, which will shine through in your dance (and in the photos!)

2. You get exercise

Exercise doesn’t just entail hitting the gym and sweating on the treadmill for an hour. Ballroom dancing is a fun way for you two to get exercise together, which can relieve stress. Not only does exercise release endorphins – the feel-good chemicals in your brain – but it also helps you forget the stresses of the day by focusing on only one thing: dancing. Getting a healthy amount of exercise can also create a snowball effect that positively impacts other areas of your life, such as your sleep cycle, eating habits, and relationships.

3. It helps you create a unique dance

Every couple has its own personality, and creating a first dance that lets this personality shine through can be a daunting task for those not familiar with dance styles. Consulting an instructor can help you create a dance that fits your personality and doesn’t just blend in with dozens of other first wedding dances. If you come from a different culture than your fiancé, our instructors can also help you create a fusion of those two cultures for a unique first dance that honors the heritage of each spouse.

4. Dance lessons add to a fun date night

Sitting together in a dark room while looking at a movie screen doesn't really provide much opportunity for meaningful interaction. Sure, dinner and a movie are fine, but why not try something new? Dance lessons are both fun and productive. Dance lessons can be incorporated into a fun date night to help reforge the connection between you and your fiancé in the middle of the hectic months of wedding planning. Like the first dance at the wedding itself, the dance lessons require coordination and synchronization between the members of a couple, so they will be required to work together towards a common goal. What says “bonding” more than that? Head to a dance lesson, catch dinner after, and maybe even see a movie.

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